About Us

We are a Digital Accelerator company that helps organizations accelerate the pace of digital transformation, create digital assets & IPs, and derive tangible financial returns from digital initiatives.

We leverage our platforms, products, and the power of our iSquare Labs to deliver value to our customers. Our industry-specific frameworks for Lending, Banking, Insurance, eCommerce, and Manufacturing integrates strong industry expertise in financial services, process manufacturing and discreet manufacturing with our products and platforms. These frameworks help in faster customization, reduced time-to-market, adoption of industry best practices and adherence to compliance & regulatory guidelines.

Our iSquare Lab develops custom AI and Machine Learning models to address specific business problems. The lab keeps a strong focus on business process re-engineering, change management and providing the technology ecosystem required to crate Implementable AI solutions.

In addition to technology expertise our iSquare Lab helps in on-ground implementation of digital solutions and developing user-centric system design which drives user adoption and makes in easier to implement new solutions.

Our Team

Hindol Basu

Co-Founder & CEO

  • 20+ years of technology and machine learning experience. Led multiple transformation initiatives in the Indian, Asia Pacific and North American market across financial services and manufacturing.
  • Transformed the digital function in multiple banks, NBFCs and insurance companies and have helped them in becoming more business centric and value focused. Developed multiple cutting edge IOT solutions for manufacturing.
  • Pioneer in establishing credit bureau analytics for the Indian market. Built the first bureau scores for CIBIL (The PL Score and Generic Score). Evangelized the usage of bureau data and products in India. Developed bureau scores across multiple markets.
  • Co-author of the book titled “Business Analytics – Applications to Consumer Marketing – Sandhya Kuruganti and Hindol Basu” published by McGraw Hill India.
  • Passionate about teaching analytics and data science to young students and professional managers and teaches at institutions like IIM, IIT, IIITB, HBS etc.
  • Past leadership roles across Citibank, FICO, TransUnion, and Tata Group. Founder CEO of Actify Data Labs
  • Expertise: AI & Machine Learning, Product Management, Digital Transformation, Risk Management, Organization Development & Mentoring
  • Multiple recognition by Forbes, CIO Review, YourStory, Analytics India Magazine and others.
  • Recognized as the top 10 Data Scientists in India in 2015. Btech – IIT Kharagpur. MBA – IIM Bangalore.

Bijoy Kumar Khandelwal

Co-Founder & COO
  • 12+ Years of Technology & Leadership experience. Led several technical & strategic initiatives in India, North American markets across Retail, Manufacturing & Financial Services.
  • Technology Architect & Advisor for multiple Lending, Insurance and Fintech companies.
  • Serial Entrepreneur in the technology and AI space. Founder & COO at Actify Data Labs.
  • Developed comprehensive products across:
    • Big Data Management Suite scalable solutions.
    • Preventive maintenance – streaming IOT data.
    • End-to-End datalake platform for data staging, transformation & reporting.
    • Image Analysis & Computer Vision products for FinTech.
  • Tech Visionary with strong hands-on expertise in translating the vision to on-ground technology solutions.
  • Past leadership roles across Infosys, Tata Group, Actify Data Labs (Founder).
  • Expertise: Full stack technology development, Data Engineering, AI & Machine Learning, System Architecting & Cloud Computing.
  • Recognized as a pioneer and business leader by YourStory, Business View, CIO Review & Forbes India.

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