In today’s connected environment, enterprises must provide utilities to employees for sharing files among themselves and with whitelisted partners. Security is a prime concern while adopting a file sharing solution. In addition, enterprises are looking to leverage traceability of activities, alerts, validations, and meta-data of files being shared to make the sharing process efficient and effective.

Common problems:

Lack of tracking and unavailability of history – for users and files.

Lack of ability to compress files before sharing.

Lack of ability to disable links that have been shared.

Share selected pages from a large PDF or Word document.

Concern over security.

Sharebrix promises

Extensive Tracking

Extensive tracking of user activities and history of a file that was shared.

Searchable Tags

Add searchable tags to links so that users can search among links that were shared.


Compress files before sharing.

Targeted Page

Easy interfaced to implement machine learning models.

Disable Link

Disable a link that was shared by mistake.

Extensive Security

Extensive security to ensure that files are shared in a secured environment:
a. Whitelist a particular IP to access and download the transferred file.
b. Whitelist a particular emailID or a set of Email IDs where files can be transferred.
c. All data stored is encrypted using AES-256 mechanism.
d. All data in motion is encrypted using TLS.

Hosting and security

Sharebrix can be hosted on your on-premise servers or on your private cloud servers which ensures that you have complete control of your data and do not need to worry about data going out of your secured servers. It can also be used as SaaS solution from the Leobrix cloud. We offer the maximum security and flexibility to address all your data security and data privacy requirements.