APIs, Databases and Websites are the heart of any enterprise. Their continued availability and responsiveness determine the un-interrupted operations of the enterprise. With the growing adoption of micro-services-based architecture, a single API may be used across multiple systems. And any one functionality of a system may be dependent on the availability of multiple APIs (API chains).

Therefore, monitoring the performance and up-time of APIs, Databases and Websites is a major focus for any organization.

Common problems:

Long and sometimes technically intensive process of setting up monitors.

Cumbersome and complex dashboards that are difficult to navigate and hence, it takes a long to identify the real problem.

Lack of integration with common platforms for setting up alerts and notifications.

Difficulty in integrating with API management solutions like Postman.

Difficulty in setting up API chains for performance monitoring.

Lack of predictive insights to suggest future downtime, increase in response times etc.

Security concerns.

Difficulty in grouping and scheduling multiple tests across APIs.

Lack of security tests while setting up an API for monitoring.

Inability to test correctness of standard responses (beyond uptime and response time).

LeoTrac, the easy-to-use monitoring solution

Simple Interface

Easy and simple user interface.

Intuitive Dashboards

Simple and intuitive dashboards that provide the information that is required for making decisions.

Postman Collections

Ability to import Postman collections.

API Chains

Set up API chains.

Design Testing Batch

Design testing batch by combining multiple APIs within the same batch.

Future Prediction

Predict future failures and decrease in response times.

Load Testing

Simulated load testing.

Security Test

Test security at the time of registering an API for monitoring.

Hosting and security

LeoTrack can be hosted on your on-premise servers or on your private cloud servers which ensures that you have complete control of your data and do not need to worry about data going out of your secured servers. It can also be used as SaaS solution from the Leobrix cloud. We offer the maximum security and flexibility to address all your data security and data privacy requirements.