The next gen digital transformation platform that combines the power of Decision Automaton and Gen AI.

We help organizations accelerate the pace of digital transformation, create digital assets & IPs, and derive tangible financial returns from digital initiatives.

Our Solutions

Our deep industry knowledge, customized services, and industry-specific solutions are helping clients to transform their businesses.

Financial Services

Digital lending, digital banking and digital insurance solutions for traditional and new age fin-tech & insure-tech organizations. Enable decision automation across the entire customer life cycle for risk management, marketing, process automation and channel management. Leverage the power of AI, unstructured data and alternate data to enhance customer net revenue by optimizing risk, near-term and long-term revenue. Help address unique challenges of serving rural, non-banked and under-banked segments.

Enhance customer net revenue and be customer-centric.

Reduce credit loss, fraud loss, claims frequency and claims severity. Enhance collection efficiency.

Drive process automation and reduce turn around time.

Reduce cost and effort for compliance.

Enhance sales productivity.

Leverage the power of unstructured data and alternate data to create new business models.


Enable every step in the digital journey starting from Digitization to Industry 4.0. Leverage the power of AI and strong focus on user adoption to deliver measurable KPI improvements & financial benefits. Accelerate the pace of digital transformation using pre-built solutions and platforms. Combination of full stack digital expertise with deep knowledge of engineering and business processes across Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Cement, Automotive and Precision Manufacturing.

Drive adoption of the Industry 4.0 philosophy.

Reduce defects and downtime.

Enhance productivity and throughput.

Reduce inventory costs, enhance service levels, and rationalize spends.

Drive on-ground adoption of new technologies.

Deep expertise in engineering and business processes for discrete and process manufacturing.

eCommerce and Retail

Help organizations drive effective customer management, discount management and marketing spend management strategies across traditional and digital channels. Enable micro-segmentation and personalization to enhance sales and repeat behaviour. Bridge the gap between marketing mix optimization across physical and digital channels. Help organizations create multi-level demand forecasting solutions that incorporate predictive models and expert inputs.

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What You Get with Our Products?

Make sure all your tasks are organized so you can set the priorities and focus on important.

Comprehensive Monitoring Solution

AI-Enabled solution to monitor APIs, Websites and Database performance. Broad set of metrics and predictive models for system load, responsiveness, and downtime.

Pre-Configured & Custom Business Rules and AI for Decision Automation

Decision Automation and Model Governance solution. Leverage AI models and business rules for decisioning. Extensive set of pre-built AI models, decision graphs and decision keys across industries.

Comprehensive IOT Framework

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Link Management Solution

Secure, private, and scalable solution for file sharing within the organisation and with whitelisted partners. Leverage traceability of activities, alerts, validations, and meta-data of files being shared.

Secure File Sharing Solution

Link, QR and Campaign Management solution. Incorporate keywords and brand persona in your links and QR codes. Track end-to-end customer activity.

AI based Computer Vision Solution

Large set of pre-built Deep Learning models for image and video analysis. Drag-and-drop utility to build and deploy your own image classification models.