Images, videos, and scanned documents have emerged as a key data source for multiple AI applications. There is tremendous focus on multiple image analysis use cases – some of the common ones include extraction of texts from scanned documents and images, identification of document types from images, classification of images into categories, face recognition, object identification, defect identification etc. Enterprises often need pre-built models that can be deployed with a single click and are easy to integrate with existing systems. There is also growing interest in using an enterprise’s internal image data to build transfer learning models through a point and click interface.

Common problems:

Lack of limited internal image data to build image classification models.

Need for complex and large infrastructure to build and deploy image classification models.

Lack of expertise to build image analysis solutions.

Challenges of handling poor quality images.

Challenges of handling mage data this is not labelled.

Difficulty to develop customization on top of pre-built models.

Imagebrix promises

AI Solutions

Multiple AI solutions for image analysis including:
a. Identification of KYC documents.
b. Extraction of information from Bank statements, Credit bureau reports, Income tax statement, GST returns, and Medical reports.
c. Extraction of car license numbers from images.
d. Face detection.
e. Activity detection from videos.


Utility to train your own image classification models.

East Deployment

Single click deployment of image classification models as APIs.

Imagebrix can be hosted on your on-premise servers or on your private cloud servers which ensures that you have complete control of your data and do not need to worry about data going out of your secured servers. It can also be used as SaaS solution from the Leobrix cloud. We offer the maximum security and flexibility to address all your data security and data privacy requirements.