Customized links and QR codes are the heart of all digital marketing and campaign activities. These are also being used extensively for customer management and for initiating digital payments. Hence, enterprises are looking for end-to-end features to track user activities and gain insights into how customers and prospects are using the links and QR codes. There is also increasing demand for customization in terms of brand colors, images and preferred key words being added to customized links.


Common problems:

Challenges in managing old links and QRs which point to pages that may have expired (e.g. festival shopping).

Difficulty in combining customer action with operational data (example - a payment getting credited).

Concern over security and total cost of ownership.

Sharebrix promises


Ability to use custom color and images in QR codes and custom keywords in shortened links.


Redirect an older branded link to a newer page.

Control Click

Limit the number of clicks allowed on the link that has been generated.


Password protecting links.

App re-direction

Ability for links and QR codes to re-direct to a page in the mobile App, instead of opening in the browser of the mobile phone (help increase App usage).

Extensive Dashboard

Extensive security to ensure that files are shared in a secured environment:
a. Whitelist a particular IP to access and download the transferred file.
b. Whitelist a particular emailID or a set of Email IDs where files can be transferred.
c. All data stored is encrypted using AES-256 mechanism.
d. All data in motion is encrypted using TLS.


Link-in-bio to embed multiple links.

Track & Monitor

End-to-end tracking of all activities post click (customization subject to availability of transaction and master data).

Predicted Response

Predicted response based on models.

Shortbrix can be hosted on your on-premise servers or on your private cloud servers which ensures that you have complete control of your data and do not need to worry about data going out of your secured servers. It can also be used as SaaS solution from the Leobrix cloud. We offer the maximum security and flexibility to address all your data security and data privacy requirements.

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